Neogames’ Aim Is To Help Out Finnish Game Developers

NeoGames Finland is a member based non profit industry organisation. The undertaking of this organisation is to accelerate and co-ordinate the development of the Finnish gaming industry. NeoGames is an impartial protective association, designed to serve the interests of all the players involved in this industry. The aim is to provide a solid and operating environment that the Finnish game industry can use to increase their share and value of the existing market.

NeoGames operates in a practical and realistic manner, and the work is guided by what is needed by an industry that is often in a case of flux. The work they do is aimed at providing a benefit to everyone, especially an individual organisation that many not have resources to proceed on their own. The services that NeoGames provide include organising group trips to certain international events, the co-ordination of development projects across all aspects of the industry and co-operating with ministries. They will help organisations with any domestic networking events and promoting many media relations, both domestically and internationally, and also with the production of any surveys or reports that may be needed by the Finnish casino games industry.

Neogames Also Provides an Information Centre

Another mission undertaken by NeoGames is to provide the Finnish industry with an information centre. They are also the co-ordinator for Tekes’ Skene, the Games refuelled program. In fact, NeoGames is the fastest channel to any information needed or contacts required, within the Finnish gaming business, as they are at the hub of all the dealings. Thus NeoGames is in a position to offer a wide range of services to all the key actors in the casino games industry, and their prime objective is to help with developing the games, and offering any help that may be needed by the industry bodies, game educators and researchers to reach their common goals. They are able to assist all investors   who wish to be involved with any Finnish game company.

NeoGames is also accredited with being the national industrial body to represent the Finnish game developers in any international associations. They are the representative of the national association of Finnish gaming studios, Suomen pelinkehittajat ry. At the international level, NeoGames is a founding member of the Nordic Games Institute, and the European Games Developer Federation. The Nordic Games Institute is a pan-Scandinavian organisation for national game associations, and the European Games Developer Federation is the European umbrella framework for game developers.  They also promote the careers and professional skills of individual game developers and related industries based in Finland, and further to help develop the international recognition of such businesses.

Awards Given To Developers

The Finnish Game developer of the year 2014 was awarded at the DigiExpo fair in the Helsinki Expo and Convention centre in October of that year. The winner was selected by a committee comprised of members of NeoGames Finland ry.

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