Interesting Races held in Kangaroo Island; the Kangaroo Island Cup

Kangaroo Island is Australia’s third largest island, after Tasmania and Melville Island. It lies just one hundred and twelve kilometres south west of Adelaide, in South Australia. It was once occupied by the Aborigines, but the native population disappeared after the land became an island several thousand years ago. It was subsequently settled by sealers and whalers in the 19th century, and then in 1836 became part of the colony of South Australia. The largest town is Kingscote. Today the island is well known for its nature reserves, designed to protect the native vegetation and animals. Nearly half of the island has never been cleared of vegetation, and several endemic species are rigorously protected, among them a colony of penguins that live in the cliffs at the forefront of Kingscote. Foxes and rabbits are prohibited, and cats are registered and microchipped.

Kangaroo Island Cup Carnival a Festival of Fun

The Kangaroo Island Racecourse is situated in Kingscote. The course proper is a rather spacious setup covering 1600 metres and a home straight that is 375 metres long. The course holds its two major races in the summer months, giving spectators a festival of food and fun. The Kangaroo Island Racing Club has one of the largest membership bases of any country racing club in South Australia. The Kangaroo Island, Kangaroo Island Cup carnival takes place over three days in February each year, and draws a crowd of over five thousand to watch and enjoy the racing.

The Kangaroo Island, Kangaroo Island Cup is certainly one of Australia’s most interesting races, and punters are always welcome to try their luck at wagering on the race. Punters can bet at the track or a betting shop, or go online and do it in the comfort of one’s own home. It is worth the time spent to do a little research on the horses running, the type of track, the form of the horses participating and the jockeys that are riding. It is important in betting on sports, to know as much as possible about the sport in question. Also it is wise to find out about the variety of bets offered, and the type of bet that will be best suited to what the punter wants, especially in the Kangaroo Island, Kangaroo Island cup race.

Easy Wagering Available on Horse Races

Sports facilities these days offer an array of available bets or every possible sport, and horse racing is one the most popular sports. In fact one can scarcely think of a horse race without wanting to place a little wager. Statistics suggest that more than two thirds of the online world use it to place bets. Horse racing is a game at which some people can make a living. This is not an easy path to follow, as betting on horse racing is a skill, not really a game of chance. Experience is valuable when it comes to picking winners.

Online Betting Most Convenient Way

In some countries, Australia being one of them, it is possible to go a betting shop and watch the race there with other punters interested in the outcome of the race. Online betting is by far the most convenient however, as the punter does not need to move from his own couch. This is an option becoming more and more popular every day.