Greyhound Betting in New Zealand is a very popular past time, almost as popular as horse racing or harness racing. It is very strictly controlled to ensure the safety of the dogs, and that there are no backyard races which may damage the integrity of the sport.

Where To Place A Bet On A Race

Placing a bet on a greyhound race is an easy thing to do, as one can now place bets online. Of course, punters can still and often do, go down to the track to physically place a bet on their favourite dog and partake in the excitement of race day. This should, of course, be done with some knowledge and forethought to result in a successful wager.

The most convenient way of placing a bet, however, is to make use of one of the many online sites which offer to bet on greyhound races. A simple search with your search engine will turn up many results. Often these sites will offer varying odds from their competitors in order to attract new punters to them. Some of them may offer various bonuses and promotions as well to try and get you to sign up with them.

Bonuses And Promotions From Bookies

Online sites offer a range of promotions and bonuses for the new signee. These involve things like an amount of free cash with which to place a bet on a dog of your choice. Other promotions may match your initial first few bets, or even offer some sort of a loyalty program. As different sites offer different things, it is always within your interest to shop around a bit to find the site which best suits you.

Placing Your Bet

Once you have joined up with greyhound racing betting sites, you can place your first wager. To join up with a site you will have to provide a number of identifying documents. These may include things such as your ID document, bank account details or even a copy of your credit card. This is to safe guard not only the sites but also you against fraud and unscrupulous people.

Once your account has been created, you can commence placing your bets. Most of the sites will have an array of tips as well as statistics on the dogs and their previous runs. Take note of who ran the best against whom, and what kind of track they ran on. Once you have an idea of who you would like to back, you can place your bet.

Greyhound Odds

The odds behind each dog are set by the bookies and the general public who are placing wagers on the races. Favourite dogs that have performed well in the past will have very high odds to win. Should you back that dog and it does win, your payout will be less than if you had backed an outsider with lower odds and they had won instead. When choosing your dog, look at the odds, remembering that high odds have a good chance of being correct but will have a lower payout.